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A/B’s Hysterical Q & A with Lady Bunny! San Francisco See Ms Bunny Live this Weekend!


Her royal highness, Lady Bunny, lands in San Francisco this week for THAT AIN’T NO LADY!, a fast-paced and action-packed with glitzy costumes and Bunny’s trademark gravity-defying bouffant wig, THAT AIN’T NO LADY! is a cabaret designed for a night club crowd–no lengthy monologues or sappy show tunes here. For mature audiences who enjoy irreverent humor! Since there are a lot of pop music parodies, this show is especially well-suited to audiences who have some familiarity with pop music so that they’ll know the original versions which are being parodied.

Unlike her position on RUPAUL’S DRAG U on LOGO as the Dean Of Drag giving contestants “Lady Lessons”, Bunny’s deliciously bawdy brand humor is far from ladylike. Bunny re-works pop songs into hysterical parodies, using recent smashes and sprinkles in zany Laugh-In style joke routines for added politically incorrect fun.

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Lady Bunny took some time out of her anal bleaching to play Question and Answer with me, this is how it went down:


Accidental Bear: First thing that pops into your mind when someone mentions San Francisco?

Lady Bunny:  A Pancho Villa burrito with fresh pineapple agua fresca! I have been known to drop off my luggage and immediately cab it to eat there. I sometimes even make a usual cross between an oink and a purr oinking while en route. If I’m trying to be healthier, I worship the salad bar at Harvest on Market. What can I say? San Francisco is a foodie town.


A/B: What is the most crude / amazing moment of your career thus far?

Bunny: I have a long history of performing cabaret in San Francisco–dating back to Josie’s Juke Joint. While playing there, someone put me up in the “penthouse” on the top floor of Blow Buddies, which wasn’t technically open to the public. I drank a lot back then and remember being so horny and bombed that I got home, yanked off my wig, threw on a sheet as a caftan and headed into the sex club wearing drag make-up with no wig and a sheet. Shockingly, someone wanted me in that condition and I had a time that was both crude and amazing. If only half-remembered. I’m very thankful that cellphone cameras weren’t as prevalent back then!

A/B: Next, describe dignity?
Bunny:  You’re asking me? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

A/B: What does a young drag queen have to do to stick out in this day and age with so much more visibility of queens including shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Bunny: The hard thing about being a hot young talented queen is fighting off all of the men…that RuPaul has sent to kill us! I have noticed that many queens feel they must be on Drag Race in order to make it. Even though Frank Marino, Dina Martina, Jackie Beat, Coco Peru, Peaches Christ and Joey Arias seem to be doing fine. The national recognition from TV certainly leads to more bookings, at least temporarily. But San Francisco’s own Honey Mahogany is an example of someone who didn’t fare so well on the show and is proving that the show isn’t everything. I noticed her lovely singing voice before she ever appeared on the Drag Race and think she’s sweet, gorgeous and very talented. And I speak as a “fellow” caftan afficionado. I also couldn’t agree more with her that San Francisco queens aren’t always so  focused creating a look of conventional glamour–with the obvious exception of the great beauty and style icon of San Francisco, Heklina. I feel the same way as Honey–that the polish isn’t nearly important as the personality and talent. All that can come later if you possess the kernel of greatness.

A/B: What will you be serving up at your show here in San Francisco? Should the audience worry about getting wet?

Bunny: I have some new bits and pieces along with some old classic routines. I do have my “period” to the tune of Leona Lewis’s Bleeding Love so there is a little spraying of blood. I switched from using tomato juice to Clamato for that extra fishy flavor. But I’ve pretty much learned to squirt  onstage only when having my minstrel cycle. I’ve performed my cabaret set in Rehoboth, Delaware and in Provincetown, Massachusetts this summer. In both places, they actually loved it when I sang one or two songs straight, without the filth factor. So while plenty is dark and demented, I mix occasionally slow the onslaught of raunch for added effect. And there are a few videos and even a costume change or two to give you a full multi-media effect! And no one can believe that my Kate Bush impersonation!

A/B: What is the percentage of your act of song, dance, comedy and fellatio?

Bunny: Well, since the singing and dancing are a joke and my act sucks harder than fellatio, it’s tough to give actual percentages. They are all intertwined. Hopefully, over 75% is comedy. With a little unwitting tragi-comedy thrown in just by virtue of me being me.

A/B: What would you do if the man you were having sexual relations with had longer hair on his knuckles than that on his head? Yay or Nay?

Bunny:  I’m more concerned with the penis head than the amount of hair on the actual head. But I’m really not that picky!

A/B: Any fun extravagant winter plans, new songs, records, jail time?

Bunny: My self-penned dance song `Take Me Up High just hit number 17 on the Billboard Dance charts. Currently working on a follow-up for Lybra Records. And I’m in  heading to Australia for a 4-city tour in December!


Lady Bunny in “That Ain’t No Lady!”October 4TH-5TH 7:30PM & 10PM at Rebel, San Francisco, CA



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