Hair Ball of Day

“How They Felt” – a Short Film by Team Funwolf Including a Puppeteer Love Making Scene

This film, by Team Funwolf, conducted a puppeteer  love making scene in which it won best scene in that newly added category. This is the future, you can have sex with any inanimate object of your choice.


Short Film of the Day: How They Felt, a Mumblecore short film by Team Funwolf for the 48 Hour Film Festival in the movement’s birthplace of Boston, features one faily unique quirk that separates it from similar shorts in the genre: One of its two main characters is a muppet.

It went on to win Best Actress, Best Sex Scene, and was runner-up in the Best Picture category. That’s right: You are now living in a world in which a Mumblecore short starring a muppet won Best Sex Scene at a legitimate film festival.

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