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How Russian Prisoners Are Using Tattoos To Protest Putin | Video

“The jailed brother of Russia’s opposition leader is designing tattoos from behind bars as an underground protest against Vladimir Putin’s certain reelection. Oleg Navalny was jailed on dubious charges of embezzling cash in 2015, while his brother Alexei was handed a suspended sentence which led to him to being barred from running in the presidential poll. Navalny’s artwork and designs are smuggled out by mail to supporters, who share the designs online and auction tattoos to help raise cash for Oleg’s family. Pavel Akimov, a Navalny supporter who helps run the auctions, said: “Art to him may be the only way of engaging with the outside world. So we have decided to widen the reach of this art.” Alexei Navalny is urging his supporters to boycott the election to weaken the legitimacy of Putin’s inevitable victory.”

Video from VICE News