Hot Shirtless Guy Talks About Benefits of Cold Showers, Listen or Not: Video

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Cold showers just aren’t just for taming the libido anymore. Listen to this cute guy discuss how it enhances his mood and betters his skin.


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  1. ND Mitchell said:

    I have taken cold showers when I was enlisted in the United States Navy so I know what it feels like. I understand what he is saying and you get used to cold showers when there is no hot water. If you have been onboard a submarine, an aircraft carrier or just enlisted in the military, then you know about cold showers.

    Recently, I have been using Clearasil Face Wash in the shower after shaving. I think I recall Kyan Douglas from Queer Eye state after shaving and washing the face, use cold water to close the pores. It was worked and my face has looked refreshed.