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“Hot Air: The Greatest Luxury” Short Film Featuring Mykki Blanco | Video

Commissioned as part of the Radical Luxury campaign at Selfridges, The Greatest Luxury explores what luxury means in an era when the term itself feels hollow and banal. So how can we redefine this word for the next generation? And how do we make luxury exciting and meaningful again?

In search of the answers, the film explores the relationship three radical creatives have with the concept of luxury, including Mykki Blanco (musician and activist), Holly Blakey (choreographer) and Gareth Pugh (fashion designer), featuring a poem written and performed by Lily Ashley and a performance by dancer Sophie Apollonia. Celebrating the concept of luxury as something that’s as individual as ourselves, The Greatest Luxury reclaims luxury as something personal, emotional and liberating.

Personally I think luxury is over rated.

Video by Selfridges