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Homeless Man Who ‘Skinned and Ate Cat Found Camping in Rave Venue Wearing its Tail and Intestines as a Necklace’

Arrested: Russell Christopher Hofstad allegedly skinned and ate a cat while camping inside a Phoenix rave venue

Lesson of story, Don’t let your cat go to a rave! Wait, people still go to raves?

A homeless man has been arrested after he allegedly skinned and ate a cat while camping inside a warehouse.

The building’s owners called police after they opened the warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona, which doubles as a music venue, on Wednesday and heard blaring music.

Entering the property, officers found Russell Christopher Hofstad inside with his face painted and the cat’s tail and some of its intestines around his neck.

Officers found the rest of the cats remains in the middle of the warehouse. According to the police report, seen by the Pheonix New Times, ‘the cat had been skinned and gutted.

‘The internal organs were on ice in a cooler used to hold water. There were screwdrivers and clippers next to the cat’s body.

‘There was a leg missing, and [Hofstad] was wearing the tail around his neck on a rope along with a piece of the cat’s internals.’

Hoffstad told officers he killed the cat because he was hungry, police claimed.

He allegedly said he’d clubbed the animal with a stick and used a butcher’s knife he’d found to skin and gut it.

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