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Holy Wars – “Cruel World” Music Video

Directed by frequent collaborator Wes Marsala and Holy Wars’ fierce frontwoman Kat Leon, the graphic video for “Cruel World”  that came out on Monday is a fitting visual portrayal of the dark themes of the song, spotlighting the ugly truths of society and what it’s devolved into. Hope you can check it out and keep the band and their new album in mind for Accidental Bear!
Mother Father comes on the heels of Holy Wars’ debut Mother EP (Spotify) that came out at the end of June, drawing comparisons to everyone from Siouxsie and Crystal Castles to Suicide, Kate Bush and Chelsea Wolfe. The album is dedicated to Holy Wars’ frontwoman Kat Leon’s parents, who she tragically lost within months of each other in 2015. Leon took time off to properly grieve in the year or so following, but re-emerged from her period of mourning at the dawn of 2017, altered as an artist by her darkest days. Just as so much of her writing comes from a place of conflict, Holy Wars’ music is rife with contrasts in texture and timbre. It’s heavy and melodic, mathematically precise but still plaintive and emotional. The twisting chord progressions, cannon-fire riffs and soaring melodies (not to mention her stage presence) could be likened to early Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Holy Wars is less a choice for Kat Leon and more an inevitability.



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