Hair Ball of Day

Help Red Headed Ryan Count his Freckles (Video)

Besides being just an adorable project and a chance to examine, up close this fine specimen of a man, there are health benefits as well. This may be the most thorough skin check ever done by any dermatologist ever. There should be a freckle count party fundraiser , no?

This project has shown me parts of myself I’ve never seen before, nor did I ever want to see. I’ve certainly not felt so awkward, exposed or pale in my entire life. I suppose that’s the price you pay to count your freckles. Hundreds of extremely uncomfortable photos over the course of one very long photo session were taken to capture every inch of my colorless hide. Not to mention the slicing, naming and database populating of too many pictures to think about. It may all be worth it in the end though, as a childhood dream may soon be realized.


Here are a few other fast facts about me:

  • I asked my high school sweetheart to marry me in front of 200 people. It’s on film. She said yes.
  • played college hockey for the University of Colorado.
  • I snap semi-decent looking photos.
  • I’m a dyslexic copywriter.
  • I biked from Bemidji, Minnesota to the Canadian border when I was 14. 140 miles over 5 days.
  • My mom was on Twitter two years before I was.

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