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Help Accidental Bear Make a Full Season of Web Series “This Town: San Francisco” | Patreon

Exciting News! OUTtv Europe wants to broadcast my web series, the Accidental Bear original, “This Town: San Francisco.” They have seen the teaser pilot episodes and love what I am doing, see my mission, and want to share the series with their audience of up to 1.8 million viewers and growing! “OUTtv is a European & Canadian gay TV-network, they broadcast in The Netherlands, Sweden, Baltic States, Poland, Belgium and they have a co-operation with OUTtv Canada. “

So it’s time to crank up the game and make a full season of 10 exciting episodes! And it can only happen with your help through my Patreon Page.

Season 1 of “This Town: San Francisco” will promote local LGBTQ artists, musicians, and queer own businesses. In the episodes I will address real-time San Francisco issues: crime, gentrification, rents, losing queer spaces, ageism in the community, racism in the community etc.

With all the chaos and hate spread across the internet these days,  negative headlines of what San Francisco has become, let’s turn that frown upside down and make something positive together!

Community Project:
I want “This Town: San Francisco” to be a community project. I hear so many stories of people being over San Francisco or leaving. By weaving episodes together and highlighting local SF artists, musicians, venues, bars, clubs and queer owned business’, and organizations my goal is to restore people’s faith in San Francisco and to remind people, although we are going through a rough patch, San Francisco still rocks! #SanFranciscoProud

Before filming I will be organizing community meetings to talk about and hear the heartbeat of the city from the people who live here. At these meeting we will brainstorm and talk about what we feel like are top San Francisco issues right now and these meeting will help form the first full Season!


Goal of $5,000. Any dollar will helps and will be put to good use.

With the goal reached I will be able to hire local film makers, production assistance, and actors to make sure the episodes are the best quality they can possibly be and make San Francisco and Accidental Bear followers proud.

By joining the Patreon Page you will have access to behind he scenes videos, photos, discussions, Google Hangouts, and given credit from making This Town: San Francisco” happen!

For those interested in being donors or sponsors contact me at accidentalbear@gmail.com

Signing up with Patreon is really easy! I walk you through it in the video below. Patreon is different from other crowdfunding projects. Instead of getting large amounts of money from a few people, it is most successful when a lot of people give a little bit.  Whatever amount you decide you are comfortable tipping it is taking out of your account each month. Easy-breezy!


Watch the pilot episodes below which are just littles teases and rough drafts of Season 1 will be like. These episodes were made with a zero budget, so just imagine what we can accomplish with your help through the Patreon Page.













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