Health Watch: A Rugby Team’s Testicle Check: Watch Video

This is no joke in this game men! Regular testicle checks should be a serious part  of your routine. Watch this rugby team offer up their balls to demonstrate the proper technique.


  1. Very good approach to an important topic. Although I got a kick out of one of the first things said, “when most guys put their hands down their pants, they don’t know what they’re looking for.” I don’t know about anyone else, but I know what I’m usually looking for!

  2. True that… here you can’t talk about sex much less if you have question about “that area” with most doctors.

    My endocrinologist ( a female ) was first to ask if anyone had checked my testosterone levels and when I said no her response was, “that figures, most are eager to “talk about female hormone issues but not willing to talk to me about theirs.”

    I am 63 and my doctor since 1996 has never ask or suggested anything but a PSA test for prostate cancer.

      1. Roberz, as the doctor says, it’s not uncommon for one to hang lower than the other. If you should feel any abnormalities then you should consult your doctor.

  3. was extremely impressed on the subject and how they actually showed how a man should actually check his testicles…very there a vid that shows a full ultrasound of a mans testicles and penis and what to look for completely? Also does shaving verses not shaving the pubic, testicle and anal areas make a difference in the cleanliness of a mans genital areas? If so, is there a vid that shows how to actually shave the entire pubic area completely…I have tried it once, but it was a rough road in doing it…

    Thank you for you help


  4. Great info with some fantastic observations. I like the european aspect of this video. The guys were naked around each other, with no hang ups or apparent issues. Men here is American are so homophobic, afraid another man will see their penis. The lengths American men go to hide their goodies is stupid and rediculous. Trust me men what you got between your legs ain’t all that. You got one and so do I.Shape and size are meaningless attributes. Grow up, get a life and lose the homophobic attitudes. Gay men DON’T sneak peaks in the shower or locker room – idiots! Here in America men have this homophobic joke around them while women are the opposite. They run around buck naked together and are very open with their minds and attitudes! This country is so homophobic and STUPID!

    1. First of all, I want to say that this video is terrific and educational. I won’t say it wasn’t titillating to see cute rugby players with their balls hanging out – but I’m sure it was meant to be or they wouldn’t have had an entire team of attractive men naked on TV! Hey, anything to get people to learn how to take care of themselves, right?

      Anyway, in response to your comment, Scott, I mostly agree with you, HOWEVER I will say that you’re wrong that gay men don’t sneak peeks in the locker room – of course they do! But what’s wrong with that? Straight men do, too, even if they won’t admit it. I would also say you’re wrong that American women are more comfortable being naked around each other than men are. That’s something Hollywood movies would like you to believe, but it just isn’t true.

  5. Have to love the Australians, logic, no shame, guilt or fixations on natural things like sex and testicle health. Good on these guys teaching others how to stay healthy, it’s not all about the willy.

  6. Been there!
    Done it!
    And lost one ball!
    Survived! 🙂
    (And author of the book: Love your Nuts – Testicular Cancer touched my Life)
    Excellent video and info! Thank you for spreading the word on testicular cancer!

  7. Well done. Kudos to both the team and the network. You have saved lives! Charlie van der Horst, MD Professor of Medicine University of North Carolina

    1. This is a rugby team. Not all cute guys will play on a rugby team and this is about all men doing something to check for testicular cancer, not just the cute ones. Plus it is difficult to find bigger dicks when most men in the world are average sized which this proves since there are 6 of them. Only porn stars have big dicks. Big dicks was not the purpose of this video.

  8. Have a few issues with this video…

    1. That’s a Pommy AFL team. That doesn’t count!
    2. A real AFL team would never be so shy. You wouldn’t have to tell them to take their towels off. Towels would already be off. They would be in the buff from the get-go, strutting around like peacocks. Especially with that cougar present. They would make a point of swaggering past her, big dick swinging. Or playing with their balls in front of her. You would see plenty of legs raised on that bench to fully expose their tool kits to her.
    3. You wouldn’t have to tell a legit AFL team to feel their balls. That comes naturally. Like kicking, marking and handballing. And rooting your best mate’s missus in the toilet at a club function.
    4. There should be one wag stroking his old fella to at least get a half-mongrel to impress Dr. Cougar. Another should be using the mirror to look up his date. (And someone has to take it too far by spreading their cheeks for a panoramic view.)
    5. No slapping or homoerotic changeroom behaviour? Get real!
    6. They should be fighting over the gel and probe. And then doing f@%k knows what with it. In the real AFL world, the lubed-up probe would inevitably get shoved up someone’s arse.
    7. Wolverines? What kind of club is this? They should be expelled from whatever competition they’re playing in until they come up with a half-decent nickname. Perhaps revert to the “default birds nickname” option. Except “Swans.” That’s the gayest footy nickname going around.
    8. St. Kilda is the club they should’ve gone to.

  9. This video was very informative and the level of maturity shown is top grade. North America should take a good look at the level of information shown here.

    Definitely haven’t seen a show with this information in Canada or USA .

  10. I think that this video is very informative and educational! I agree with above comments that here in the US everyone seems to be so uptight. I think this video should be required to watch in the sex education classes across the world, along with self breast checks. Great job on being informative and educational while still being so incredibly professional!

  11. DUH…………….. No……… the chemo caused the baldness!

    Great video. Most of us in the U.S. learn this, not in this detail, but are taught how to do testicular checks in Jr.High grades 7-9 for the new middle school kids. The only problem we had was all of the giggleing and immature comments made by some. If this vid saxes one life, it would be worthwhile taking part in. Done in a very mature, no non-sense way. Kudos to the British.

  12. I’m 67 now, but at the age of 27 I noticed an extra “bulge” in my scrotom. (Being gay, I was not unfamiliar with playing with my ball sack.)

    I went to my doctor, he said it was a cyst, and I had an operertion
    to remove it. Very painful recovery!! But no repercusions,except for a