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He-Man & She-Ra Christmas Faux Sweater, Must Have!

You’ve heard of pleather, well grab yourself this Faux Masters Of The Universe Sweater! It’s made of sweatshirt material, so really it’s a sweater wannabe.

Though it only officially aired once in 1985, many people remember the He-Man/She-Ra Christmas Special fondly. Where else would you see He-Man, She-Ra and even Skeletor getting into the spirit of Christmas? We want to help you celebrate Christmas with an Eternian twist, and so we present to you the He-Man and She-Ra Faux Christmas Sweater. Designed to look like an ugly Christmas sweater, this festive holiday sweatshirt features superhero twins She-Ra and He-Man against a snow flaked background. He-Man’s so jolly that he’s even wearing a Santa hat! Any Masters Of The Universe fan who’s been on Santa’s “Nice” List, like Kevin, will definitely appreciate this holiday treat.

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