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HBO’s “Looking” Through the Eyes and Mind of Costume Designer Danny Glicker: Watch In-Depth Interview

Danny Glicker and Mike Enders

The most in-depth and thoughtful look into “Looking” yet! What makes up the DNA and soul of HBO’s new gay series, builds characters and touches all of your viewing senses? The costume designer!

There are many ingredients blended together in making a successful hit television show. The costume designer, being one of the most visible components. HBO’s much-anticipated new series “Looking” will premier on January 19th, and the buzz around this show is off the charts. Accidental Bear’s Mike Enders, had the pleasure of joining the cast and crew on set, to absorb the energy and passion, of the last week of filming of Season 1, and was giving the chance to sit down and chat with cast and crew.

Helping to shape the vibe and authenticity of “Looking,” to accurately portray the living, breathing streets of San Francisco’s fashion,  the prestigious costume designer Danny Glicker was added to the team. Glicker was nominated for an Oscar for his work on the award-winning MILK that was directed by  Gus Van Sant, which was also filmed on the street of San Francisco. Glicker was also honored by the Costume Designer Guild with their Excellence in Costume Design for Contemporary Film Award for his work on Transamerica, which starred Golden Globe winner Felicity Huffman.

Check out the interview below where Enders and Glicker talk  in-depth about how the clothes for “Looking” were used as a character building tool and to record characters growth throughout the season. Glicker  went to great lengths to ensure that San Francisco is represented as authentically as possible and not portrayed as a glossy-Hollywood version of San Francisco.

Enders manages to slip into the clothes of Murray Bartlett’s character Dom and gets a good sniff (a possible future stalker!). Glicker goes through a rundown and expresses the importance of outer wear with a coat by coat check of  a few lead characters, Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alvarez and Murray Bartlett.

Enders tries on Murray Bartlett’s character Dom’s coat and take a sniff!

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“Looking” will premier on January 19th on HBO!

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