Hakuna Truvada, It’s Our HIV Prevention Key Public Service Announcement | Video

The City of West Hollywood partners with American Idol alum, Todrick Hall, and his team to promote Truvada as a tool for HIV prevention.

Singing to the well-known tune of ‘Hakuna Matata’ from Disney movie, The Lion King, Todrick is joined by fellow YouTube star, Kory DeSoto, and former Mean Girls actor, Daniel Franzese.

‘It means less worries, for the rest of the gays,’ sing DeSoto and Franzese in their characters trying to convince Todrick the usefulness of the HIV prevention drug.

The three then dropped by the clinic to get tested for HIV and to get the prevention prescription.

Written and Directed by
Paul McGill

Todrick Hall
Daniel Franzese
Kory DeSoto

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