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Hair Ball of the Day | Who/What is Candy Ken?

A/B readers meet Candy Ken. He’s a lot to absorb so I will just leave this here for now and I’ll come back later so we can discuss.

Bullet Media reports:

Berlin-based model and promising rapper Candy Ken (aka Jakob Kasimir) is on-the-rise. His unusual obsession with Hello Kitty tattoo stickers and insatiable love for Barbie sets him apart from the pack, not forgetting his gender-bending presence that’s made him a favorite in the Underground art world.

The muscular 22-year-old Austrian has been setting Instagram and fashion ablaze with his psychedelic visuals and DGAF attitude. Soon after being scouted online by Diesel creative director Nicola Formichetti, Ken was flown to NYC for a photo shoot that’d later appear in Formichetti’s progressive magazine, FREE. Ken was then introduced to Jeremy Scott by Formichetti, who’s also taken a liking to the artist and posted a photo of him on Instagram, wearing a hot pink Adidas track jacket.

Ken has come a long way since first starting off as a photographer to now building his candy-colored empire; He’s so far released a four-part music video series through his YouTube channel with Lets Go Radio and three videos with Smokera—watch his most recent, “SnapChat.” Tipped as fashion’s freshest muse, we caught up with Ken for a brief chat about genderless fashion, Riff Raff and “BBHMM” hench(wo)man Sita Abellan.

 These images were accompanied with the newest interview with Candy Ken here

Photography: Daniel Rodrigues
Styling: Ramona Tabita
Makeup: Silvia Ileana Stella
Hair: Hannette Woods

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