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Hair Ball of the Day | This Years Stand Out Hunk on ANTM, Model Nyle DiMarco

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I know I am late in the game to post about this year’s stand out hunk on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22, Nyle DiMarco. I just wanted to make sure he wasn’t a dickhead first. And as it turns out he’s a total charmer and sweetheart. Oh yeah, he is also deaf.

Nyle DiMarco is an aspiring model from New York City. He graduated from Gallaudet University, the only university for the Deaf in the world, with a degree in Mathematics and a lot of experience in Education.

Nyle DiMarco started modeling right before he was selected by the casting team to be a contestant on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22. The first episode will air August 5th, 2015. After learning and absorbing on how to model and to really strike photos, Nyle discovered his natural talent and his love for modeling.

Nyle is an actor. He has acted as a main role for an independent film In the Can under ASL Films production. He is also acting for Switched at Birth under ABC Family as Garrett. He will continue acting.

Nyle DiMarco is Deaf. He strongly believes that being Deaf is a huge advantage to his talents because of his native language, American Sign Language (ASL). American Sign Language requires the use of facial expressions and body language espressions. With the rules of ASL immersed into his soul, it helps to bring out stories from a modeling photo, and makes for an interesting character when acting.

He reads lips well and is extremely easy to work with.

Nyle is currently a freelance model.

For business inquiries and booking details please email

Follow Nyle on Instagram  and at

Beautifully and amazingly shot by the one and only @lukeaustinphotosthe3rd in NYC! #nyfwm

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Take care of your body. It’s the only place you live in! 🙂 —– Shout out to @cedricterrell for my first STUDIO photoshoot!

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Aloha from Hawaii! Like @mahinaolanai said, a slice of heaven-

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