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Hair Ball of the Day | Model Brian Nieh

Brian Nieh, was introduced into the word of modeling by a close friend. Watching her photography career progress, played as a big influence of Brian. Eventually becoming her muse and shooting with her as a model. From that experienced he gained his first professional photos.

Brian posted his professional images online, and received great feedback. Months following, he began receiving request from photographers across the nation to shoot with him. Fast forward, Brian now sees model not just as a hobby but as a serious career. But modeling wasn’t enough for Brian, so he started dabbling in photography himself. Brian now travels the nation shooting other people and being being the creative direction of my of the shoot he participates in.

With the popularity of Brian’s popular on social media, he began receiving request from LGBT promoters to Host events and to make appearances. Hopefully you’ll be meeting Brian soon yourself.

Connect with Brian Nieh

Website: | Twitter – @BrianNieh | IG – @BrianNieh87 | Tumblr – BrianNieh 

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