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Hair Balls of the Day: Illustration of Two humongous Gachimuchis on Dynamic Sweatshirt


All I can say is that mine is in the mail! Pics to come when it arrives!


The hyperreal, hypermasculine men of legendary gay Japanese artist Jiraiya are now available in wearable form. Announcing the Jiraiya Sweatshirt from MASSIVE!


With an epic original illustration of two humongous gachimuchi (A Japanese term that literally means “muscular chubby,” which refers to big, bulky body types that are very muscular, but also have a good amount of fat.)  lovers boldly emblazoned on both sides, wearing the Jiraiya Sweatshirt is like receiving a hug from the beefiest Japanese powerlifters in the world.


“In my opinion, they’re a perfect couple. But if they fight, their house will be partially destroyed.” – Jiraiya


Find sweat shirt and information HERE

Jiraiya Sweatshirt *PRE-ORDER*

by Jiraiya

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