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Hair Ball of the Day | Dancing Machine Known as Ginger Face Will Put a Smile on Your Face


Underneath those moves and that contagious smile, there is a sad story. Instagrammer that goes by wsgingerface tells  Gay Star News his story and what makes him dance. Find wsgingerface aka Gerrard on Instagram and take in all of his hunkiness!

Gerrard heralds from Australia but has been living in London for the past year. He works shifts as a security guard but also does some modeling, acting and dancing (regulars at XXL in Southwark may have seen him shaking his rump on a podium).
He’s currently posting a series of videos of his top 13 choreography routines from music videos.
He tells GSN that threw himself into dancing when he hit a particular low-point in his life. He moved back to his hometown of Brisbane in 2011 after a spell as a singer and dancer on cruise ships.
‘I moved back to be around my mum who had been battling Lymphoma since 2004 and didn’t have much longer to live.

‘It was a hard time, not just to deal with losing my amazing and talented mum but to move back to a town that I left as soon as I finished high school for the big city, Sydney.

‘On top of this I had to leave my boyfriend of two and half years to move back as we were working on a Partner Visa to get him back into Australia after we both decided to do the contract on the ship together.

‘The visa fell through and my mum passed away in November 2011. Through this hard time I stayed with my best friend from high school, Simone. She became my rock. She also had this kick-ass game on her Xbox called Dance Central, which allowed you to work on dance routines up to a professional level.

‘As I couldn’t afford classes I regularly played this game. I moved back to Sydney not long after my mum died but I couldn’t afford to buy my own Xbox. So I went without dance.

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hey everyone, I took this post down the other day because I offended some people with the way I chose to bring awareness to not being fearful, going about business as you normally would and just being happy to be openly gay as well as celebrating a fellow gay person; by selecting the best photo out of the amazing submissions I got from my "letting it hang" post. anyone who knows me knows I have a heart of gold and did not mean to make it seem like I was using a tragedy for my benefit. the comments I got cut deep as I know the struggle of losing people close to me and I would NEVER intentionally hurt any of you going through that type of pain. please take this as my deepest apology and try to enjoy this video for what it is. just a quirky guy trying to battle his own demons and allowing ig to be my outlet. number 11 of my top chory of all time "Everybody" The Backstreet Boys, directed by Joseph Kahn and choreographed by Fatima; it was filmed in the location where "casper" the movie was filmed. the band put their own money toward it as the label didn't support the idea. in my video I feature @daviduser0 who submitted the best natural looking man pic. I hope you enjoy it and please #morelovelesshate

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