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Ground Breaking Documentary “Legalize Gay” (View Video Trailer)

Part of the proceeds from the “Legalize Gay” film go to Campus Pride to provide LGBT & Ally scholarships and support for the 2012 CAMP PRIDE SUMMER LEADERSHIP CAMP.  More information online

Campus Pride is offering a special opportunity to preview an incredibly inspiring film that captures the courage and conviction of a new generation of activists determined to close the deal on full equality for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community.

Director Christopher Hines has just completed a new film “Legalize Gay – The Civil Rights Movement of a Generation,” set to premiere on Logo later next year. However, Hines has joined with Campus Pride for exclusive advanced screenings, accompanied by an educational guide to encourage more activism in the campaign for LGBT equality.

“Campus Pride is already doing so much in the struggle for LGBT equality at universities and colleges across the country. I hope “Legalize Gay” can help in that effort,” Hines said. “The young people in the film are so inspiring.”

Campus Pride Executive Director Shane Windmeyer said “Legalize Gay” is “not only though-provoking and inspirational, but very entertaining.”


“We are very fortunate to have this opportunity to preview the film,” Windmeyer said. “It will definitely promote a lot of discussion on campus.”

 Also featured in the film is “Camp Pride,” an annual event sponsored by Campus Pride, aimed at giving a new generation of LGBT activists the skills and support they need to flourish at their universities and colleges.

“It was so much fun and impressive to film such a diverse group of  young people working together for a common cause – equality,” Hines said. “I hope we can get hundreds of students attending Camp Pride every year.”

Part of the monies from the “Legalize Gay” screenings will benefit the work of Campus Pride and fund scholarships for Camp Pride — July 17-22, 2012 in Nashville, TN. Anyone can apply for scholarships online at


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