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Granny 4 Barrel “Freak Flag” Music Video

Granny 4 Barrel are new to me and I’m glad to have them in my life.
A Neo-Victorian steampunk shock rock nightmare – she is the Matriarch of Metal! The rocker “Freak Flag” is the first single/video of many to come (released via Mighty Loud Records and produced by Jeff Tomei), a song about being true to yourself. And the band’s singer (who goes by the name Granny) is a true original – “She represents freedom of expression, no limits on a person, and I channel her rage and insanity. In society, there are these stereotypes based on age, sex, race etc. Granny just shatters the mold! Her mantra is unleash your true self…make your own rules, anything is possible.”



The video, which premiered on, is visually about freedom of expression, and not being afraid to expose who you really are. With that in mind, extras were included in shooting the video, and not just  the band alone. A casting call was placed for eccentric people who wanted to be able to express themselves. People who had a special look or talent that made them unique responded and appeared by the masses for shooting. This is what makes the video extra special, these are not “quote” Hollywood actors, these are real people, looking the way they look and doing the things that they do every day…The extra’s looks or personnas were not modified in anyway, maintaining a truly authentic experience.
Produced by Jeff Tomei (whose previous credits include working with Jerry Cantrell, Smashing Pumpkins, and Matchbox Twenty, among others) and issued via Mighty Loud Records (and distributed by InGrooves/Universal), further singles will be arriving in the coming months. This will include ‘Nitro Sexy’ (“basically, the two words describe it – “speed and sex”), ‘She Likes Guns’ (“it’s got innuendo, and a sexy vibe'”), and ‘Piledriver’ (“about a villainess femme fatale…a common theme on the record”).