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“Goldie Hawn”: A Social Commentary On Current Affairs in Greece Expressed Through Fashion, Music, Culture and Dance: Video

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Goldie Hawn is a short film, a metaphor which comments on the current alarming political and economical situation that Greece is in, the intrusion of extreme political and ideological forces and its subsequent cultural disintegration.

Traditional themes and conventions that represent Greek free spirit and culture, such as traditional Greek music, plate breaking and zeimpekiko dance are being subverted by the use of nazi outfits and balaclavas. Blood shedding comes as a sequence of the excess and abuse of freedom of expression. Greece had always been a place where fun and dancing is encouraged, but this has now turned into imposed, negative and painful experience.

In “Goldie Hawn” fashion, music and dance work as powerful social and political connotations that are used so as to ask questions about tradition, freedom and evolution and their attack that in this case has come from within.

Goldie Hawn is a Greek production that was shot in Thessaloniki Greece in September 2012 by a local crew of film-makers, technicians, actors, dancers and film enthusiasts. Funding proposals were all rejected due to the nature of the project, which was materialized due to its participants generosity and belief in the vision of the project. Goldie Hawn premiered at Centre Pompidou in November 2012 as part of the competition section of A shaded View on Fashion Film Festival. from 


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