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George Takei and Hubby Beam Into the Archie Comics Universe!


USA Today reports:

The former Star Trek star and pop-culture fan favorite is coming to Riverdale in the pages of Archie Comics’Kevin Keller No. 6, out today. Kevin Keller, the company’s popular gay character, is a Takei fan and the catalyst that brings the actor and his husband, Brad, into the comic.

As an advocate for LGBT affairs, just like Kevin in his comic, Takei felt his appearance would be a wonderful way to reach young people who may be isolated because of their family beliefs and communities.

Seeing the illustrated version of himself was just icing on the cake.

“I was flattered because I had more hair, and Brad was flattered because he had less waistline,” Takei says with a laugh. “Isn’t that the wonderful thing about comics? Riverdale is an idealized society, and it’s an idealized Brad and me.”

Takei and Kevin Keller writer Dan Parent will be at New York City’s Midtown Comics tonight (9 ET) to sign copies of the issue — a later start for an event than when Takei took his autobiography To the Stars across the country. “Those book signings were held at normal, sane, rational hours, but apparently comic-book people start their day at 9 p.m.,” he quips.


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