Genius Pairing: RuPaul Takes Henry Rollins for a Drive: Watch Video

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 10.59.39 AM

Holy shit. File this under When Worlds Collide! Genius pairing. I admire and respect these two, RuPaul and Henry Rollins, with every morsel of my body. RuPaul gives some of the best advice in response to relationships …” Allow people to see your icky bits.”

“Hitchhikers beware! RuPaul is behind the wheel, and picking up passengers on the streets of Hollywood! RuPaul Drives… is the brand-new webseries produced by World of Wonder. And it’s about to get REAL. “Everyone in LA needs a lift, spiritually and physically,” said the Supermodel of the World. “From drag racing to a leisure drive, I always enjoy being behind the wheel.” The concept is simple: Every episode RuPaul will chauffeur a special guest vagabond with no clear destination in sight. These drifters paint the town with she-larious moments, sprinkled with bite size gems of RuPaul’s wisdom. In the second episode, Ru picks up Henry Rollins, lead singer of Black Flag, and takes him to go pick up some art!”



  1. Love it! Awesome concept and what a odd pairing but it turns out not to be so odd….Rock on!
    Look forward to seeing more!!!!!

  2. There’s a lot of thoughtful celebrities that should have open ended discussions. Admittedly they usually do so with other celebrities, but it’s interesting to see what someone you might idolize really thinks. It has sometimes turned me away from folks when they open up like that and surprise me in a bad way, but usually it makes me like them more.

  3. Wonderful. Friends who are honest and loving with their personal fears cant be beat. “Being a friend. A true friend, is sometimes holier then family, even holier then marriage.”-from the play “FABULOUS DARSHAN!”