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Gay Singers Famous for Selfies NOT Their Music, Queer Artist Struggles, Dead Kittens, Hoarders, & More! Guest: Eric Himan – This Town Vodcast Ep 3



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Ep #3 of San Francisco based Vodcast “This Town” hosted and produced by Mike Enders with brand new co-host Christopher Vasquez. Guest this week is singer-songwriter Eric Himan.

We have a fun chat about the queer music scene and how music isn’t the priority for the most popular musicians these days, but it is their shirtless and speedo pics on instagram that makes them famous. Making of a Murderer, hoarders and a whole lot of shenanigans happens! We end interview with a live performance of Eric covering an Amy Winehouse hit!

A lot of people have requested that we upload the audio from Vodcast to possibly iTunes so they can listen to them when they are on the go. Working on it! We would need to get new audio equipment for this. Help out here by making small donation to my Patreon Page

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