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Gay Marriage Thrown into the Wrestling Ring: Made Fun of or Celebrated? Watch Video

I cannot tell if I am offended or not? Visibility is the key to squashing homophobia and fear of the unknown but I can’t help feeling like gays are being made fun of here instead of being celebrated. What are your thoughts?

Queerty reports:

Queerty reader Chris wised us up to Ohio Valley Wrestling in Louisville, KY, which just concluded a storyline about a gay wrestler, Paredyse, and his beef with anti-gay bigot Brandon Espinosa. And, mirroring recent studies about homophobia, it looks like Espinosa’s character is gay himself.

Though somewhat on the swishy side, Paredyse wiped the floor with Espinosa in the ring last week, and after the bout the bigot admitted he he was gay. Paradyse consoled his former enemy and cemented their bond with a marriage proposal. When Paredyse got on one knee and asked Espinosa to be his “partner”,  audience members chanted “Just say yes!” MORE

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