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Gay Ginger Breeders Looking to Spread Their Seed (Video)

Watch out women of the world, at the Gay Ginger Breeders Headquarters, they have a plan to violate you vulva and to turn your womb into a easy bake ginger oven. You have been warned!


In 100 years, redheads will be extinct. It’s time to do something about it!

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Starring: Jamison Scala, Tom DeTrinis
Featuring: Kevin McGeehan, Michael McCusker, Keith Reay, Amalia Holl, and Erin La Rosa
Announcer: Andy Cobb
Written by: Jamison Scala
Directed by: Joshua Funk
Producer: Meghan O’Brien
Editor: Meghan O’Brien
Production Assistant: Renee Greathouse
Logo by: Jeffrey Songco
Special Thanks to: Paolo Presta and Patrick Thomassie


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©2012 The Second City Inc./Jamison Scala

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