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Gay Doesn’t Get More Mainstream Than Old Navy

Good job Old Navy and the devil on my shoulder says, “Way to make a buck!” I hope this doesn’t turn any young impressionable kids gay (joke). ~AB

A line of gay pride t-shirts will be on sale from the clothing company Old Navy, with a portion of the proceeds going to the “It Gets Better” project.

The shirts, available in sizes for for men, women, and babies, will be sold in some stores during June and retail for between $7.50-$14.50 USD. Ten percent of the proceeds will go toward Dan Savage’s campaign, which has made waves in terms of visibility and gay culture in recent months.

According to Moxiebird.com, Old Navy is the first major chain retailer to release such a shirt. Several high-end designers like Kenneth Cole and Marc Jacobs have released limited-edition shirts supporting gay rights and visibility. American Apparel, however, worked with the Human Rights Campaign to disseminate their “Legalize Gay” shirts.

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