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Gay Couple Marries at Occupy Wall Street: My Prediction

Here is a healthy does of cynicism.  I hate to break up the photo shoot opportunities and your interviews with high profile newspapers. “Activists” Jonathan Lopez, 19, and Ivan Cabrera, 18, two gay males had an “unofficial”  wedding at the occupy Wall Street protest . When I furiously rub my crystal ball, it tells me that these two will not be together come New Years Eve and will have their lips wrapped around another man in no time. People, they are 18 and 19 yrs old. Bless there little hearts, but they are wrapped up in the moment.

 via www.huffingtonpost.com

Despite Zuccotti Park’s shutdown almost a week ago, hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protestors have returned to march, drum and continue protesting.

Protesters may not have been allowed to bring blankets or pitch tents at the park, but on Saturday November 19, they had reason to celebrate — activists Jonathan Lopez, 19, and Ivan Cabrera, 18, were wed in an “unofficial” same-sex ceremony.

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