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Gay Couple Gets Punch, Kicked, and Pepper Sprayed for Holding on Hands in the Ukraine | Video

A little over a week ago I posted, Watch What Happens When Two Guys Hold Hands on the Streets of Russia, which had us on the edge of our seats watching and sweating.

This week Zoryan Kis and Tymur Levchuk, a gay couple in Kiev, have replicated the same video with horrifying results.

A group of girls trying to make them kiss, one of them yelling: “It’s the first time I see people like this. I mean it.”

Later in the video the situation gets a lot more serious when a group described as ‘Neo-Nazis’ surround the two men asking them if they’re patriotic and begin to get aggressive.

Out of nowhere a member of the group pepper sprays the couple and then starts punching and kicking them.

I’m disgusted.

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