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Gay Country Singer Drake Jensen & New Web Series “Butch & Nellie -Take the Rap Game” | “Pretty Popular” Podcast Episode 2

“Pretty Popular” Podcast Episode 2:

This week Mike Enders chats with gay country singer Drake Jensen about his exciting upcoming project. Male on Male duet. Does he like being categorized as “gay” country singer? Lumberjack socks and much more.

But first Mike talks with, Conor Fetting-Smith, creator of a new comedic web series “Butch & Nellie Take the Rap Game.” The series debuts at www.butchandnellie.com on Monday, March 13th, and it’s based on a real gay rap group that was created with real life BFFs in NYC. ‘The series touches on evergreen subjects of discussion such as: why don’t I have a boyfriend, men wearing tights, how do I become famous, and chilling with your boys playing Rainbow Brite,” says Fetting-Smith

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Find singer Drake Jensen on Facebook and drakejensen.ca

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