Hair Ball of Day

Gay Bears at Beach Art and the Debatable Use of the Phrase “Rape the Cook”

Doing our normal morning warm up routine of sun salutations, scrounging for food and doing “research” on Tumblr we came across a potential Hair Ball of the Day piece of art posted originally by  isobearotso3. We are not clear whether he is the artist or not. As we examined the art and the attached comment  (below) we thought this would be an amazing debate. Is the use of the word “rape” cute or funny? Talk amongst yourselves. It’s also amusing that the Tumblr blog in which we found this on and the author of comment below uses the title Mr. Faggot. Oh, the power of words!


This is a cute illustration. Sexy guys on the seashore. Looks like a lot of fun.

The “rape the cook” apron in the upper right corner is unfortunate. I am noticing more and more often, some people are sexualizng the word rape, which is, in actuality, a violent and destructive action about asserting power and domination over someone or something.

As a man and a survivor of rape, I resent this misrepresentation of the word rape and more importantly, misdefinition of positive sexiness and male sexuality. It was not a pleasurable or positive sexy experience for me, and I wouldn’t wish it on the worst of enemies.

Had the illustrator used the word “grope” or something else, instead of “rape”, same message would have been conveyed, for I am hoping the bbq-ing bear in the picture doesn’t want to be actually raped, but wouldn’t mind a good shag. I urge everyone to think about how you use the word rape and don’t forget what it actually means. -Shawn P. Cotter

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