Garbstore Fall/Winter 2015 “Walking in Seventy” Lookbook

Yes to each and every piece.

Apparently the act of walking through the countryside is a pastime in Britain — it’s called “rambling.” We can 100% get behind a hobby like that and London’s Garbstore makes it look damn good. After a collection preview back in January, the boutique presents “Walking in Seventy,” its fully styled Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook.

Garbstore has a penchant for texture — velour, toweling, micro fleece and thick wovens create a modern vintage feel for the fall. Although the concept of a cargo pant suit may sound appalling (see slide #3), Garbstore somehow has us envious of its signature casual tailoring aesthetic. It just works; we’re amped up to rock a comfy suit in a random country town. Thanks, Garbstore. Selectism

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