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“Freier Fall”: Gay German Film Opens MoMA’s Kino! Exhibition: Watch Trailer


Continuing a long tradition of celebrating emerging visions from German filmmakers, we are pleased to present MoMA’s 35th annual series of new films from Germany. Selected from major international festivals, including this year’s Berlin International Film Festival, the series features popular narrative, documentary, and avant-garde works that demonstrate Germany’s vital role as an incubator of cinematic talent.

“New York City’s Museum of Modern Art is set to launch its its 35th annual Kino! exhibition on Thursday, spotlighting young German filmmakers. And this year, the exhibition’s opening film is about a gay man, titled Frier Fall (translation: Free Fall), directed by Stephen Lacant. 

Frier Fall is about police officer Marc, who meets a new colleague, Kay, on a training course. As they get together to jog, Marc begins to develop feelings for Kay — feelings he has never experienced before. But Marc is with his pregnant girlfriend Bettina, whom he loves, but is torn because of his deep feelings for Kay. As they develop an affair, Marc begins to realize that his life is spiraling out of control and he can’t make everyone happy, including himself. This is a powerful and dramatic story of a man who thinks his life is on track, but then finds himself in a freefall when his life suddenly takes an unexpected turn.” Read More


Kino! 2013: New Films from Germany

April 18–24, 2013

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