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Fred Armisen Loves Death Grip’s Drummer Zach Hill: Video

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It’s like a freaking love triangle. We love Fred Armisen, and Fred loves the hard ass band Grip Death’s drummer. Win-win.

Fred had this to say on the Rachael Ray’s show:

“Hi, I’m Fred Armisen, I want to talk to you about, to start off with, a musician who I really think is the greatest ever. His name is Zach Hill, and he’s a drummer. He’s from Northern California, and he used to be in a band called Hella, and now he’s in a band called Death Grips. And he has reinvented how someone drums. When you see this guy play, it looks like a flurry of activity, it looks like a blur, it looks like a tantrum. You can’t even see it. And at first, when I saw this drummer, I was like, ‘What is happening?’ And then I realized later, ‘Oh, this guy is a genius.’ So Zach Hill, this drummer, check him out.”

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Check out video below of Death Grip at work:


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