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First Look at Set of HBO’s New Gay Series “Looking” & Surprise Visit from Russell Tovey: Part 1

Russell Tovey and Mike Enders in the tub!
Russell Tovey and Mike Enders in the tub!

by Mike Enders 

This week I got the chance to crash the set of HBO’s new series, “Looking,” which is about a group of men (Jonathan Groff, IMG_3181Frankie J. Alvarez and Murray Bartlett) , who just happen to also be gay, but is not their entire identity. I was given an all access pass to the much-anticipated show’s set, wardrobe department, set production area, and props. Running rampant and snooping through the actual set location  of Jonathan Groff’s character’s bedroom, I made myself comfortable and sprawled out on the soon to be most watched bed on HBO!

More valuable than the sets themselves, I had the chance chat with the head people in charge and responsible for the creation of “Looking,” including Michael Lannan (Co-Executive Producer, Writer), Danny Glicker (Wardrobe Designer), Todd Fjelsed (Production Designer), Matthew Riutta (Locations Manager), as well as other key players in the shows production. The love, passion and excitement from everyone involved was overwhelming. The best way I could describe it is, that “Looking” is a new-born baby and all involved have shared custody and are super proud parents!

Just to throw it out there, it has been confirmed that actor Scott Bakula has a recurring role on “Looking.” Although, I did not get to meet Bakula, as I stuffed my face at lunch, I did catch a glimpse of him as he walked up a flight of stairs (slow motion in my mind) and turned the corner. I am looking forward to seeing what Bakula’s character will bring to the show.

Tyler Oakley, Matthew Riutta (Locations Manager), Emily Rupp (Script Coordinator), Lindsey Pearl (HBO Social Media Director)



Being a long time San Francisco resident myself, there is extra pressure on me to ensure the authenticity of “Looking,” as it represents San Francisco’s housing, culture, fashion and overall vibe. I was giving explicit direction to be tight-lipped about details, but what I can say is that the San Francisco LGBT community will be proud. Production Designer Todd Fjelsed took me room to room, showing me special details that were added to the rooms, or just left in place, including dust/dirt. It doesn’t get more real than that. I was pleased to find out yesterday that local San Francisco artist Rob Delamater, has worked with HBO and has some of his work displayed on the set walls.

IMG_3263IMG_3253 IMG_3231 IMG_3321

With Michael Lannan, Ptolemy, O.T. Fagbenle, and Danny Glicker

IMG_3293 IMG_3175 IMG_3189 IMG_3267

With Lindsey Pearl, Todd Fjelsted, Russell Tovey, Murray Bartlett

There were spoilers left and right which I had to hurdle over, but  I was able to snap loads of photographs before running off to watch the filming of the top secret, last episode of Season 1. Toying around behind the scenes while filming was in progress, I got to rub elbows with, chat, and even get some impressive hugs from some of the cast members who popped in to say “Hi!,”  including O.T. Fagbenle, Lauren Weedman, and Ptolemy Slocum.


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“Looking” Premiers January 19th!!!

Pilot Review and more sneak peek photographs coming soon!

Russell Tovey popped in for a visit.
Jonathan Groff’s Character’s Bedroom
Teaser Shot. Hmm, what location will this be?


Joining me on this special visit to HBO set of “Looking” was this wild  group of characters: Photographer Paul Octavious, myself, Tyler Oakley, Jordan Bach, Justin Livingston, NYC comedian Eliot Glazer, and Joseph Birdsong


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