Film Focusses on Generation X Ravers at an Old Skool Dance and Trance Festival | Video

DAZED premiere Dan Emmerson’s hazy new film that travels to Blackpool to explore the human need to dance and connect

Dazed reports:

It doesn’t make much sense to describe empathy on the dancefloor as a battle. But that’s exactly what one of the shirtless raving blokes in Dan Emmerson’s new film does: calling it a “friendly battle” fought with “paper planes and things”. Not exactly shirts v skins, it still doesn’t make much sense… but in the context of the film, it works. It’s one of the many poignant statements you’ll find in this short that could only have come from a cast cruising on loads of E.

The film itself focuses on a group of Generation X ravers at an old skool dance and trance festival in Blackpool. The colourful backdrop of carousels and ferris wheels in their kitsch and sentimental way somehow emphasise the film’s message: that the ultimate sense of collectivity experienced by dancers isn’t bound by age, creed or colour. Through the lens of this subculture, Emmerson comments on the “frantic Instagram world we are so consumed by”.

“Everyone knows everything about everything now and are too internet savvy to talk openly and honestly about stuff,” he says. So, for Emmerson, the dancers refreshingly, “spoke with an innocence that I feel like a younger generation lacks”. Maybe we could learn a thing or two from these ravers looking for something far simpler: “That perfect high when you’re with a great set of people and you’re just enjoying yourself.” One dancer puts it naively: “I love it, it makes me smile, I like seeing people happy, it’s like a rush innit.” Read More