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Film: “Castle LaForge” Take a journey through Scooter’s Castle of Delights.

NYC city artist/designer Scooter LaForge lives a life  of bright colors, neon actually, cheerful images of Mickey Mouse and Popeye with oversized cocks, but I still sense, smell through his images on canvass a dark underbelly. He recently released a short film, Castle LaForge, premiering at Patricia Field’s multimedia art exhibit. Castle LaForge is provocative, playful, gritty, twisted world of LaForge comes to life. Directed by Jonathan Federico and Nathan Lee Bush watch as fashion and art collide in LaForge’s dark, cartoony kingdom.

While watching I kept getting a sense that there would be a ring of a door bell and would love to see LaForge and guests reaction. A kind of Rocky Horror Picture Show moment.

Starring (in order of appearance):
Rachel Singer
Charley Brown
Rikki Crowley
Krys Fox
Jonathan Federico
Scooter Laforge

Cinematography/Edit/Sound/Effects: Nathan Lee Bush
Producer/Styling/Casting: Jonathan Federico
Styling/Production Design/Muse: Scooter LaForge
PA: Remy Cucui

Premiered at Patricia Field’s Fashions Night Out party 2011.

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