Fil Melange T-Shirt’s Love my Body

Fil Melange T-Shirt

Melange is the word I can never remember every time I go to buy new t-shirts. I approach the sales “girl” and test her store inventory knowledge, ” So, I want to get more of my favorite t-shirts. It’s like, um super thin, kind-of-almost-see-through and has a fancy name, like, um Mooo-lan-rouge? or Malalana? ” Sales “girl”, ” Oh, you mean melange.”  Me, ” Yeah, that’s it! ”


Selectism - fil-melange-t-shirt-01

T-shirts. You need them, you probably neglect them (in favour of that fancy ) so it’s time to stock up on them. Why not start with some of that sweet, organic stuff in the form of this Fil Melange t-shirt? And obviously stock up on that deodorant too, brown isn’t the most forgiving colour when it comes to  sweat pathches. (CHCM)

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