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Field Guide for Spotting Sneaky Homophobic Laws by Matt Baume

Matt Baume, who we have been watching his Marriage Watch News videos for some time now, is showing his playful side in batch of new videos, without losing any of it informative and witty punch. Matt Baume is my favorite kind of triple threat, brains, humor, and easy on the eyes.

“A Field Guide for spotting and stopping the sneaky new homophobic laws cloaking themselves from coast to coast. They’re stealthily stealing civil rights from everyone — gay and straight. Don’t wake up to discover all of your civil rights have been gobbled up in the night! “

“Or skip straight to Part 2 (Find below), in which we learn how to stand up to these menacing monsters, and defeat those who think the country would be improved if we had fewer civil rights.”

From Matt Baume

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