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Febueder Share “Stilts” video

Febueder are thrilled to reveal the video for ‘Stilts’. The wondrous new single comes from the Ascot alt-pop trio’s From an Album EP. It’s a growling pop number which puts Febueder’s penchant for earworming melody and groovy, cultivated basslines at the forefront.

Helmed by director Jess Colquhoun, the video follows a Los Angeles high school cheerleader who embodies the track’s vigour and the vindicating beat of perseverance. Undeniably rhythmic and unapologetically impassioned, the song and video stand tall.




Febueder are an alternative pop trio from Ascot, England, composed of lead vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Kieran Godfrey, percussionist Samuel Keysell, and Toby Ingram on bass. Their name (pronounced Fe-byou-der)began as a made-up appellation but has grown into something more. It’s the palette from which they present their sincere songwriting and progressive approach to rhythm and melody.

The From an Album EP is a rousing five track project which harnesses the ambition and creative intent typically reserved for a full length release. It captures Febueder in their element, assured in their ability and vision, and emotionally deft in their approach.


Febueder – From an Album EP
1. Humming for You
2. Stilts
3. Morning Yawn
4. Shapeshifter
5. Hence WorthOut Now