Featured Artist | Christopher M Tandy Shares Image of “The Gatekeeper,” Ascension, Passing Through Barriers

Meet NYC artist Christopher M Tandy and take a look at what he is currently creating.

I was zooming through Instagram and got a good look Christopher M Tandy’s work that peaked my curiosity. I had been to a show of his here in San Francisco some years ago when he was living here. His worked appeared to journey into a new direction so I reached out to catch up with him. I asked Christopher to tell me a little bit about his newest piece, The GatekeeperHis reply“The Gatekeeper is about ascension, passing through barriers. I tend to use very stark colors with pops of red. I see the red as something that is blocking the figures path and they somehow have to manipulate it – either by force or by other forms of effort. It’s really about identity, and investigating what it means to have a place.” And yeah, he’s a total stud. I know all you guys were thinking it.

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Find out more about artist Christopher M Tandy at and on Instagram

Check out his webshop here to find his print titled The Gatekeeperfeatured below.


Photo by Hard Cider NY


Photo by Hard Cider NY


The Gatekeeper

Limited Edition print of 20. Printed on 280g cold pressed paper. All prints are 12x9inches. Each edition signed and numbered by artist.

Check out his webshop here

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Artist statement:

“My work addresses aspects of the human experience through careful abstractions of portraits and figures. I seek to explore the murky waters of the collective unconscious and isolate human emotions. My goal is to address aspects of identity, sexuality, and gender by obscuring elements – faces and genitalia that our society readily associates with these concepts. Almost all of my figures are juxtaposed by overwhelming white space; this denotes a sense of loneliness, as if these figures and the emotions they carry are all that’s left of their world. “

“I want to create art that is relatable but also asks the viewers to look inside themselves and ask questions about their own human experience. Creating abstractions that communicate an element of humanity in a nuanced way, which is both relatable and provoking is constantly a challenge. It is this challenge, and these nuances of humanity that I find so fascinating – what are we hiding, what are we allowing people to see and why – these are questions that I explore.”

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