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Faggotry | Bruce LaBruce Photographs 1990 – 2016 at La Fresh Gallery in Madrid

Do miss this if you are in or near Madrid: Faggotry: Bruce LaBruce Photographs 1990 – 2016 at La Fresh Gallery. The show will be up until June 23, 2017. Iconic filmmaker Bruce LaBruce’s smut friendly work has a casual vibe of capturing the moment, not artificially creating the moment. I’m all about it.

“From that heterodox New Queer Cinema, proclaimed by Ruby Rich in 1992, LaBruce was always the truly authentic and radical faction. Probably the only one who honored the term Queer, so fatigued today, in its most purely dissident meaning. A dissidence that then and now translates into a persistent will to transgress.”

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Check out a small sample of LaBruce’s photos below.