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Eric Himan Shares Thank You Song to the “Local Gay Bookstore” – Music Video

At one point in LGBTQ History, not so long ago, local gay bookstores were one of the only safe places to hang, to meet others in the LGBTQ community, an information station for all things gay before the internet, and let’s not forget a safe place to cruise. Singer and songwriter Eric Himan has written a song with his best friend, accompanied with any amazing creative and thoughtful video, full of landmark details of LGBTQ news and history from over the last few decades, as a sort of thank you letter.

Eric Himan shared, “I wrote this song with my best friend, Cas (Cassandra Buncie), as a tribute to the many LGBTQ+ bookstores I visited, felt comfortable in, performed my music, carried my cds, educated me on LGBTQ+ life and issues facing our community, and made me feel connected to my LGBTQ+ community. Thank you to them for all they have done and still do day to day!”

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