Enharmonic Tavern Fall/Winter 2015 – “Tavernacle”


“Many kinds of people (of both race and profession) gather at the Tavern.
We meet there to talk, to share and to resonate through these different cultures, arts and ideas.”
“The Enharmonic vision created here leads us to a new, imaginary world.”
“To dress people in search of a revolutionary ideal – this is the brand concept of “Enharmonic TAVERN”.
The brand is run by the “ENHARMONIC” project team, which gathers together people from a range of fields: creators, artists, communicators.”



Enharmonic TAVERN Enharmonic TAVERN2 Enharmonic TAVERN3 Enharmonic TAVERN4 Enharmonic TAVERN6 Enharmonic TAVERN7 Enharmonic TAVERN8 Enharmonic TAVERN9 Enharmonic TAVERN10 Enharmonic TAVERN11 Enharmonic TAVERN12 Enharmonic TAVERN13 Enharmonic TAVERN14

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