Fashion Male Model

Editorial | Rocco Kowalski by Photographer Heidi Rondak

“Fashion by Marcel Ostertag, H&M, Marina Hoermanseder just to name a few. “All Pieces are either from gay designers or gay supporting designers. In a world that always tries to comfort you, as a gay person you have to live with some labels. ‚Freak‘, ,sex‘ or sexism, safe play and corsets – you are not able to fit in but you have to. Dawid Tomaszewski’s corsage has never been shown before, and it’s a homage to the LGBT Community. At first the idea came, to do a ‚safe’ corset for the World Aids Day. Love is the answer, and the answer is love.” says Konstantinos Gkoumpetis

Photography by Heidi Rondak | | Instagram

Model is Rocco Kowalski | Instagram

Styling by Konstantinos Gkoumpetis | | Instagram

Make-up by Rocco Kowalski | | Instagram

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