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Dylan Wright Releases New EP “Hate Me” | Listen Here


Singer Dylan Wright shared with me this about his new EP “Hate Me” : “The EP was recorded with queer audio engineer Bianca Russelburg in her home studio set up (aka her closet, which I enjoy the irony of). It’s a collection of songs written in a time of my life where I was experiencing a lot of resentment and self-hatred. “Hate Me” represents the feeling you get when you’ve parted ways with someone you were once very close with, which could be a lover or a close friend, and you miss their attention so badly you’d almost rather have a negative kind of “hateful” attention from them as opposed to not having them in your life at all. I also enjoy the tongue-in-cheek aspect of it, because obviously as an artist I don’t want anyone to Hate Me haha. but being a queer artist, I realize that some people are going to hate me just because of who I am and what I represent and there’s not much I can do about that.”

“Hate Me” marks the second release by Chicago based queer singer/songwriter Dylan Wright, following his debut album released in November of 2014, “As A Ghost.” Listen and buy below.

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Photos by chicago based photographers Brandon Shade and Philip Cambell, who produce the queer magazine Skin & Bone. Find at
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 “My recording engineer Bianca also runs her own non for profit recording project called “Resonate” that focuses on raising visibility for LGBTQ musicians | ” Dylan Wright

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