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Dutch Designer Announces Limited Edition Tee to Benefit Tiger Protection

I am sitting here with my lap top open on my lap with about 10 different windows open looking at images tigers and thinking how I need to contact my friend who works with big cats because I’d love to raise awareness and funds for an organization helping world tiger populations and… BOOM this comes across my desk. Thank you universe and Bas Kosters.

The tee is in partnership with the World Nature Fund, who on their site explain, “There are only 3,900 tigers living in the wild. They are chased by poachers and their habitat is being destroyed. But we can give this beautiful animal a future. Our dream is to double the number of tigers in the wild in 2022 – the next Chinese year of the tiger.”

Since only 3,900 tigers remain on the planet, 3,900 shirts will be made and distributed at Amsterdam Fashion Week on July 13.

Tigers have become endangered due to a horrifying combination of poaching, trafficking, reduction in habitat (93% of their natural home is no longer inhabitable by wildlife), and climate change, according to the World Wildlife Fund’s site.

You can send a letter to your representatives in Congress about protecting tigers by clicking here or make a symbolic tiger adoption here.

Dutch designer Bas Kosters will release a limited edition t-shirt to “protect the tiger and raise awareness,” according to Instagram