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Dusti Cunningham Shoots Loads of Hunky Men at Bathhouse for The Fight Mag | Members Area

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No that’s not young Burt Reynolds! It’s the one and only Shawn Morales, RuPaul’s Drag Race Pit Crew member, and some other of LA’s finest scruffy men, photographed by the talented, one of a kind Dusti Cunningham, for The Fight Magazine for the editorial called At the Baths. This is one shoot I would happily assist.

Models: Danny Dolan, Rikki Crowley, Garrett Swann, Danny Axl, David Rest, Shawn Morales
Models are wearing N2N Bodywear /, A-RIO-CA swimwear /, Geovanny /, Marco Marco /, and Andrew Christian /

Location: Roman Holiday Health Club II, Van Nuys |

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