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Drunk Grindr Youtube Channel Gives Accidental Bear and Summer Queer Music Tour Shout Out: Video

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The two fine men who run the Youtube channel Drunk Grindr gives Accidental Bear an excellent shout out in their newest video dissecting the world of Twitter, Grindr and beyond. I have to admit, that both of these two give me wood (if you know what I’m saying). The fact that they are often a little tipsy while recording their show, gives me hope that one day I will have my way with them, either together or individually. Shirts come off and truths fly. Check out all of their videos HERE! You are in for a treat.

Drunk Grindr says this about their newest video:

For those of you following along (I commend you, I don’t think I’d have the patience) the sexalent list has taken a turn for the manly. See below for proof:

22) @JettjaxX
24) @cdubs503
25) @AccidentalBear
26) @TommyxRotten
27) @KieronKnightXXX
28) @Wolfy_WolFang

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