Donate Your Pubic Hair to This Artist to Be Added to His Penis Art

<Picks pubic hair out my my teeth>

British-Chinese artist Cary Kwok is an illustrator drawn to the male form – particularly the penis.

Dazed reports:

Cary Kwok is a British artist who holds a fascination with the male body. His work is a collection of drawings and deconstructions that offer a unique insight into the duality of masculinity. After graduating from Central St Martins, his work has been a thrilling addition to the art scene.

Kwok’s biro drawings of penises, which sees them bulging, ejaculating and framed as demi-godlike exquisite sculptures are brief moments of worship and adoration. Kwok’s uncompromising celebration of both power and vulnerability give his work a real depth, while also forcing you to take a moment to take in penises ejaculating en masse.

His gaze as a gay man gives his work a nuanced perspective into the intricacies, humour and details of the masculine aesthetic, with hair often featuring as a means of personification. In Kwok’s world, styling a dick’s hair enables it to take on a new, comedic life. Ahead of his most recent work, due to be exhibited at Frieze festival later in the year, he is recruiting people to donate their hair to his project, to accompany his penis drawings. Initially wanting pubic hair, logistical difficulties mean that he’s now looking for people’s head hair to make his work come alive. We speak to him about his process.

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